Paint Bright Studios

Paint, is another term for the word color. And we all know life is full of colorful memories, and with these memories we seek to seize it’s brightest moments, which we keep and share from generations to generations.

Paint Bright Studios was founded by two colleagues working for a finance company, who share the same passion in photography, and are usually the requested photographers for most of the company’s events. In their desire to share their talent to the rest of the world, was created.

Paint Bright Studios prides itself as the newest, most innovative, and digitally proficient in the field of photography. Our passion is to delivery excellent quality photography whether for events, photoshoot, product photography, and anything under the sun. We dedicate ourselves to provide outstanding customer service.

It is our best interest to create timeless pieces of work of art that we can share with people and thus bring happiness.

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Life is a Bright Canvas, Let us throw all the Paint we can on it