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Wedding Photography of the Past

Before the 18th century, well-to-do couples of the West pose for painting after they get married. It was just during the late 1800s when newly-weds go to photo studios for their wedding picture. You may have seen those antique cameras present in old movies where the flash is so bright and smoke comes out after.

Cameras back then were very expensive hence most of them are owned by authority press newspapers. Otherwise individual owners who have cameras use them to sell their photos to the press.

During the early-1900s, color photography was available, however was expensive and unreliable, hence photographers still relied on black and white. Then 35mm and SLR cameras started to become available during the mid-1900s. It is when photographers started to multiply and saw the opportunity to document places, people, and events. This is when wedding photography came in. The “candid” shots became a thing, and some already did staging these “candid” shots just so the event looks documented.

1980s was the turning point where analog cameras using film emerged. They were readily available for purchase anywhere, and films can be easily developed. Because of this, some close relatives, (most of the time uncles) did the part of wedding photography.

Some couples, mostly who are well-to-do, have demanded professionals who use SLR cameras to document their wedding during the 80s to early 90s. However they weren’t as booming yet as compared today.

Today’s Wedding Photography

Late 1990s when technology has reached the creation of Digital SLRs. However they weren’t as available. They are quite expensive as well because there wasn’t enough competition between camera companies.

It was just around early 2000 when photographers realized that owning a DSLR is an investment to their business. The availability of equipment, inexpensiveness of cameras, and enhancement of better technology has finally met the more talented and inborn artists of the world. As a result people started seeing good results from photographers. As an effect, hiring a professional became a necessity rather than optional.

Wedding photography became a trend.

A Wedding is the one of the most extravagant and usually occurring events here and there in our society. No doubt this is where photographers have most of the time showcased their talents, at the same time financed their living.

DSLR cameras have greatly improved with lenses becoming more and more reliable. Even a person with no knowledge of cameras shooting on auto can create a good quality photo. It was a good thought, yes, however it also started something negative. People realized that starting a wedding photography business is low cost, sparked super high competition between themselves. As a way to counteract this, photographers have started to outline their core unique styles to separate oneself from the others.

The rise of editing softwares like photoshop and lightroom have changed everything. Photos can now be easily edited, heck even cellphone cameras can take good photos just by editing them afterwards.

The wedding day is the most important event of a couple’s life; hence they see it as a necessity to hire a good one who will document their special day. So not only photography skills are taken into consideration, but also uniqueness and post editing knowledge.

On a sad note, the popularity of wedding photographers makes them in demand, thus they take advantage and increase their rate. It didn’t take long until some couples realized that it is not about how popular the wedding photographer is, but how the photographs themselves can be produced, which Paint Bright Studios highly agrees that it should be the deciding factor.

Wedding Photography in Malaysia

There are literally hundreds of professional photographers that exist in Malaysia today. Wedding photography is now ultra-competitive; furthermore there are now tonnes of extremely popular photographers out there.

Most couples decide based on their budget, popularity of photographer, and lastly quality of photos. Paint Bright Studios believes that quality of job delivery/performance with the combination of quality of photos should be parallel with budget. Popularity should never be an option.

There are three main types of weddings in Malaysia, Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Some wedding photographers specialize only in one aspect, while some can handle all. Paint Bright Studios will be ready to service any type of weddings. We are confident that we have the talent, knowledge, and experience to deliver and meet the satisfaction of our clients.

We know that your wedding is a very special event. It is our passion to capture your brightest moments to be shared and remembered forever. Let us deliver to you your perfect captured moments to your upcoming greatest celebration.

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